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Turkey, Football and the Registered Flyer Program

Tampa BayWhat could make Thanksgiving Day even better than seeing the Buccaneers beat the Cowboys? The start of the long anticipated registered traveler (or traveller for those of you in the UK) program for frequent fliers.

In an article published today in the New Jersey Times, businessman Robert Martin complained about stripping down in the airport. I think he should complain more about the striking similarity between his name and the king of the vida loca. Kidding. Really he just complained about taking off his shoes and his belt but we all know it’s a big fat inconvenience. That’s why we’re all SUPER happy about the debut of the registered traveler program on Thanksgiving. No news on any MORE delays at this time so lets cross our fingers that the program does roll out on turkey day.

I can’t think of a better way of spending a hundred bucks on the coming holiday, unless you’re covering the spread.