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Turning iPhone Pictures into Postcards

postcardsPostcards brought about the end of the art of letter writing. Email killed the postcard. Twitter sent emails packing. And the iPhone? Well, it’s made quite a few things obsolete. But thanks to the iPhone, the postcard is making a comeback.

Kind of.

There are actually several applications you can download whereby you can turn your travel pictures into “postcards” you then send to friends and family back home. Gloating vacationers can use this tool to make people stuck in cubicles jealous, but business travelers can use this tool for good – why not send a quick picture of where you’re staying or where you’re working to the kids? Or, if your tot is like the one in that sappy AT&T commercial, you can send “postcards” of that little stuffed animal they surreptitiously stuck in your briefcase as you headed out the door.

At any rate, why am I writing about this? Because there’s yet another postcard app for the iPhone on the market, thanks to Conde Nast and

Postcard by is free, which is nice, and it’ll let you turn the photos you take with your iPhone into postcards. You can even choose different “themes” to frame the postcard, and (if you can’t be bothered to make up your own 20-word message) there are messages you can choose from as well. Postcards are sent to email addresses you enter. Whoever the lucky recipient of your postcard is, they’ll be able to see the GPS location where you took the photo and then access Concierge’s guide for that place (of course) if they want to.

The Concierge postcard app is free because it’s got ads, so if that bugs you there are plenty of other postcard apps you can try out that you pay for, including:

  • Postcard Express by Frog Design ($3.99)
  • Postcard by BitField AB ($1.99)
  • WYWH (Wish You Were Here) Postcards (free to download, $1.99 per postcard sent)
  • Postman ($0.99)
  • MyPostcard ($1.99)
  • Photo Postcard ($1.99)
  • Postage ($2.99)
  • Lifecards ($2.99)

And if that’s not good enough for you? There are also apps that will turn your iPhone pictures into real postcards – yes, on actual paper – and send them in the mail – y’know, the stuff that goes in the mailbox at your house – to whoever you like. Perfect for Aunt Mildred who’s never learned to turn on that computer you gave her anyway.

photo by Pink Sherbet Photography