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United Airlines Offers Starbucks Inflight

StarbucksUnited Airlines customers will keep on enjoying their Starbucks coffee with the recently signed agreement between the two brands. United, apparently, exclusively serves Starbucks coffee. Now, I haven’t flown United in quite a while so this is news to me. Starbucks is the crack-cocaine of the beverage world, so I’m sure it isn’t hurting the airline’s passenger loads by serving the stuff. I still prefer a local brew, myself.

“Our customers expect the best from us, and we are constantly working to provide that to them,” said Charlie Ahmes, United vice president for Onboard Service. “Being the only major U.S. carrier to serve Starbucks coffee — one of the most popular coffee brands worldwide — is one of many ways in which we are giving our guests a premium travel experience.”

“We’ve been proud to have Starbucks coffee served to millions of customers on United flights for the past 13 years,” said Rich Rodriguez, Starbucks Foodservice vice president, sales. Wow, I really have been out of the loop with United coffee service.

Drink up.