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USBCell Chargers for Electronics

USB CellUSBCell has come up with the greatest idea of the year so far. Actually, Apple came up with the idea, it just hasn’t yet caught on in charging anything but an iPod. These batteries work like an iPod, in which you charge your devices through a USB port in your desktop or laptop.

There are TONS of reasons this is a great idea, including international travel. If you have a converter or an alternate power cord for your laptop, you don’t have to worry about getting adapters for your other devices, such as your cell phone and digital camera.

And despite converters and foreign electric currents, batteries can be REALLY expensive when you travel abroad. Also, you don’t know just how long they’ve been sitting in that tourist shop, especially when you’re someplace like Tenille in the middle of Lake Titicaca. (I bought batteries there and they lasted about one day).

Finally, we at the Business Travel Logue are always happy when a renewable source can be used rather than something disposable.