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Virgin America Inflight Internet

Virgin America has rolled out inflight internet service with Gogo Inflight Internet Service from Aircell. As of November 22, Virgin America began the beta lauch of the service, along with the first ever “air-to-ground” video stream. Sounds fancy, huh? What it means is that you can watch streaming YouTube videos live from your seat.

Service will be available for $12.95 for flights over 3 hours and $9.95 for flights of 3 hours or fewer.

Internet service is not currently available on all Virgin America aircraft, thought the company plans to offer the service on all flights by the middle of 2009.

“By first committing to and now beginning to execute on a fleet-wide roll-out of Gogo, Virgin America is once again raising the bar for the standard of a superior inflight guest experience,” said Jack Blumenstein, Aircell President and CEO. “With two U.S. airlines now offering the Gogo service and more coming soon, today marks the next step toward ubiquitous Inflight Internet.”

With Gogo service, you’ll be able to surf the Web, email, IM, access a corporate VPN and more. Surfing will be a breeze on Virgin, as every seat offers a power outlet to keep your laptop running.

Wondering if your flight will have access? You can track Virgin’s Wi-Fi enabled planes via Google Maps at: