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Walk, Jog or Even Rollerblade to the Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas

Big Dam BridgeThis weekend marked the opening of the Big Dam Bridge, connecting Burns Park and Murray Park in central Arkansas (which links North Little Rock and Little Rock, if you aren’t in the know). In the southland, the temperatures are still regularly in the 80’s in October so this is a great spot to get a little exercise action between work and happy hour.

Before the opening, I normally walked an approximately four mile route from the dog park in Burns Park on the north-side to the bridge site. As the bridge extends for one mile over the Arkansas River, I’m going to up the ante and go for six.

Pinnacle MountainThis is a beautiful area and a safe place for anyone to get some fresh air and cardio, particularly in the Burns Park area. Even in the more secluded spots, your biggest danger is getting run over by a bike. Those signs that say “Walkers Keep Right” mean it.
The Arkansas River Trail, the system of which the Big Dam Bridge is a part, is a 14 mile loop stretching from downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. While still under construction, this offers the Little Rock traveler the best opportunity to walk or jog in the natural state.

Lil’ off the subject tip…don’t stay in “West Little Rock” unless your goal is to sit in traffic and eat at some chain restaurant or another.