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Waterproof Digital Camera

Self PortraitThis is my most recent self portrait. Awesome, huh? You can’t get that kind of high quality photography without a digital camera.

If you plan on snorkeling or scuba diving (the season is a-coming), you’re WAY better off getting a waterproof digital camera than getting the standard disposable. Especially if you wait until the last minute like I did and end up paying $25 AUD for 24 wonderful photos of Julian Rocks.

Note about the picture: Yes, everyone looks like an alien in that kind of gear. If you want a GOOD snorkeling self-portrait, take off the mask and snorkel. If you want someone else to take the photo, take off the buoyant wetsuit (my friend Elizabeth tried in vain to take a picture of me. It isn’t possible in the floating wetsuits)

What does this have to do with business travel? Not much. Umm…take a client snorkeling. There you go.