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What are the Hotel Chains Doing With all of Those Newspapers Everyday?

In the last year, I’ve received a USA Today from Holiday Inn Express every morning when traveling. I’ve actually read part of two of those. Actually, that’s not true. I read part of one USA Today and part of two editions of the Chicago Tribune the HIE in Arlington Heights, Illinois passes out. I really hope they’re recycling. This is probably more of an issue in smaller towns and cities where recycling pick-up is not available.

If the hotel chains operate anything like retail chains, this decision is probably left up to the individual property. I worked at a Books-A-Million bookstore a few years ago, and they had no recycling policy for the extra newspapers. I took it upon myself to recycle the papers once a week. Maybe they’ve made advances in the last seven years, but I bet those extra papers are still going into the dumpster out back.

I really don’t know whether any type of recycling program exists within any hotel chain. I’m not trying to call anyone out here, but I do think it should be addressed.

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