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Where Have You Been All My Life? The Coleman Car Cooler

Coleman Car CoolerHow many times have you wanted a cold drink but didn’t want to stop at a gas station AGAIN because it’s slowing you down? Or passed a Subway at 10:30, when you aren’t really hungry but you don’t know what your lunch options will be at noon?

This is it. Probably the second best thing to happen to road warriors since the invention of the cellular phone (GPS systems are the best), The Coleman PowerChill 40 Quart ThermoElectric Vertical/Horizontal Cooler. This puppy comes with a cigarette adapter lighter, shelf divider, door that will open on either the right or the left and will sit vertically or horizontally. At $79.99 with free shipping, there is no reason NOT to get one.

If your car adapter doesn’t go dead when the ignition is off (mine does) you really need to get a Battery Drain Protector. If your adapter does go dead when the car is off (if your cell phone stops charging when your car is off) then you need to keep in mind the cooler is no longer cooling. If you’re out of the car for a few minutes, this shouldn’t be a problem. But don’t leave anything with the potential to get smelly in the cooler for long periods.

There is always the option to have the cooler hard-wired in to your vehicle, but if you’re driving a company car you need to check with your employer first.

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