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Whisker Free Wi-Fi – Broadband Sharing

WirelessWhisker is a Spain-based company who provides software that allows wi-fi users to share their connections, as well as file share locally. Hmmm. I can see this being a GREAT service for business travelers who don’t want to fork out the dough to connect for 1 hour while they’re at lunch in some random city or end up in a place where no public access is possible.

You download the software, which morphs your existing wi-fi router into a shared router. You then make your WiFi router available to other members (yes, you can require the member to contact you to request permission first) and when you are traveling you can gain access the wi-fi networks of other members. Sounds perfect! Besides the fact that your ISP may get really pissed at you. You have complete control of the connections. If your bandwidth drops noticeably, you can drop the users connection.

Wi-Fi sharing is more or less a grass roots city wi-fi campaign to allow internet access to everyone. This seems to be the networking solution of the future, so look for more and more competition.