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Wi-Fi on the Seattle/Bremerton Ferry

Wi-Fi internet service is now available for passengers on the Seattle/Bremerton ferry, which will help you keep in touch on the commute. A company called Parsons has worked in conjunction with Washington State Ferries to provide you with this service, which commenced just before the end of 2007.

The Wi-Fi is available for the entire route through Rich Passage and across Puget Sound.

“Providing consistent signal strength across this 15.6-mile stretch of Puget Sound has proven to be a real technological challenge, but with a significant investment in equipment that has created ten new shoreline access points, we are now providing a robust signal from dock to dock on the Bremerton runs,” said Bob Davis, Parsons Vice President. “We’re also pleased to note that the Seattle/Bainbridge route received Wi-Fi transmission upgrades during the latest phase of service improvement.”

Want in on a deal? Parsons is offering one week of free Wi-Fi service to commuters who sign up to take a short survey on Wi-Fi use and preferences. You can sign up at

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