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WiFi Trains in the UK: GNER is Totally Connected

TrainGNER, the company who operates the UK’s East Coast Line, has installed WiFi on each and every one of it’s 41 trains, making train travel in the UK much more friendly for the businessperson. This means you can either work even more obsessively or you can get that project taken care of so you’ll have a few free hours once you reach your destination. If left up to me, I would get the work done on the train.

According to the press release issued last week, “The news means GNER now operates the world’s biggest fleet of wireless internet equipped train carriages, and Britain’s first all-WiFi train fleet.

The service is free for passengers in first-class and in the first-class lounges located throughout the route. For everyone else, the rates are pay-as-you-go.

  • 30 minutes for £2.95
  • One hour for £4.95
  • Two hours for £7.95
  • One day for £9.95