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William Shatner on MySpace

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner has made his MySpace debut in his capacity as The Priceline Negotiator for Priceline. I don’t know if I should make friends with the former Captain Kirk (who also now has a local TV commerical for a law firm in Little Rock, AR), or FINALLY defect from MySpace for Space Book.

What can you do on the site? Loads of stuff. Check these out:

  • Negotiator ringtones. Choose from the Falcon of Truth screech, the distinctive Price Line ring, the Negotiator theme, or one of the signature Negotiator lines from his commercials.
  • Backstage interviews. See Mr. Shatner in his Negotiator persona “riff” on a variety of topics and demonstrate his kung-fu techniques.
  • The Negotiator’s Favorites. Find out what The Negotiator likes to read (Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal is a fave), watch (Deal Or No Deal, of course) and listen to (Pink Floyd’s Money).
  • Put The Negotiator in your family photos. After all, the Negotiator got that great trip deal for you. Why not download his image and add it to your vacation photos?
  • Interact with The Negotiator. Tell him about the best deal you’ve ever scored. Share photos of your favorite lawn ornament.


If you visit the Shat and add him as your friend, you will be automatically entered in The Negotiator’s Sweepstakes, where first prize is airfare for two to the Caribbean and a 7-night stay at the Marriott Curacao Resort.