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Winner of the Land’s End Briefcase Giveaway

The following business travel story was submitted by Ed in Duluth in response to our recent Land’s End Briefcase Giveaway. Lucky Ed wins a free Wheeled Business Briefcase. Thanks Ed, and enjoy your travels and your new bag!

After clearing security at Kimpo airport in Seoul, I made my way to the gate for boarding. Taking a seat near the window, I idly watched the preparation of the plane by food services, fuel services and baggage handlers.

Suddenly a truck with a scissor platform on top pulled under the engine on the left wing and began an inspection. Moments later an announcement flooded the gate area that there would be a delay.

I had heard stories before about people who have had a premonition not to fly, turned back and avoided a crash. I don’t believe in that sort of thing. No miracles, no intuition and no little voices trouble my thinking. I have to admit, though, I was listening carefully in case some cosmic force was trying to reach me.

In no time at all, the engine cowling had been removed as men went to work passing tools to the head mechanic who in turn passed parts back to them. An hour passed. The area around the plane began to look like a junk yard. Another hour passed as more and more parts were removed.

At last, a part seemed to capture their attention. Everyone working on the engine gathered around to peer at a dark object the size of a loaf of bread in the hands of the chief mechanic. The least he could do was hold it up for all of the passengers, numbering in the hundreds, now pushed against the windows.

Amazingly, all he seemed to do was make an adjustment with a screwdriver and then wipe it off with a rag. The process was reversed. Parts were brought to hand and remounted on the engine. I kept checking around the ground to see if any parts were left off.

Then the voice came to me…as an announcement. We are now ready for boarding.