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Worse than the Freshman Fifteen – Lunch Edition

For those of you who missed the Breakfast Edition, let me take a sec. to explain The Freshman Fifteen. The Freshman Fifteen is the fifteen pounds most college freshmen gain their first year at school. It’s caused by dorm food and too much beer. Business travelers tend to blow up even more than college freshmen, which is why I keep writing these posts. That being said, this is the Lunch Edition.

Eat out. I don’t mean at the closest Burger King, I mean out out. Go to a park or sit on a bench. You can get a chicken salad or tuna salad kit at any grocery store, along with a bottle of water. Bumblebee Tuna makes Sensations tuna medley in 3 flavors: Spicy Thai Chili, Lemon Pepper and Sun Dried Tomato. The first two are EXCELENT. I don’t really care for the Sun Dried Tomato. 250 calories and 11.5 fat grams.

Then you can walk around the block a couple of times. Keep a pair of cross-trainers in your car. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in high heels.

Per-diem people, this whole lunch will cost you about 3 bucks.

Also, this will help with the seasonal affective problems this time of year tends to bring out in most people.