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Wrigley Field: Center of the Baseball Universe or Urban Desert?

The Wrigley FieldI am a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan. As much as there ARE die-hard Braves fans, anyway. None the less, I was SUPER excited to make my first trip to the Home of Harry Carey, the second oldest major league ballpark, THE Wrigley Field.

I scored a great ticket from some on-line ticket broker. To tell you the truth, I think these agencies should be avoided like the plague. But that is another story.

I walked about a mile and a half to Wrigley from my hotel. Luckily, I stopped for dinner on the way. I got to the ballpark and got in to position. I mean in the beer line, not in my seat. The beer guy said the credit card system was down and I could use the ATM. I didn’t have an ATM card, just my trusty Visa. He suggested I try another stand. So, of course I tried another stand. No luck there either. There was a sign at the stand indicating the retailers “up-stairs” may be able to take credit cards. I then made my way up to the tip top of the stadium to find out that the system was down for the entire park.

As far as I was concerned, Wrigley was a vast desert wasteland. I was a thirsty girl for the duration of the game. I tried to hint to the cute guy sitting beside me that he could buy me a beer, but he didn’t get it. Or he did and he just didn’t want to buy me anything. This sober-baseball-watching was a first for me as far as live major league baseball games. I didn’t care for it.

The game was pretty good, though. Just not for the Cubs. They gave up a 3 run lead in the 9th to lose the game. If you know anything about the Cubs, that won’t suprise you at all. I hope to return to Wrigley soon and post that I had the best time of my entire life, but we’ll see.