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Wyndham Hotels Fields & Sun Breakfast

Yogi BearWyndham Hotels has ia new breakfast program called Fields & Sun that “emphasizes personalization, fresh ingredients and outstanding service.” The breakfast features Bear Naked granola (Hehe!), organic hot cereal, made-to-order eggs, freshly baked muffins and croissants and a regional selection of at least eight fruits and berries, depending on the season. Mmmm, fruits and berries. Isn’t that what the Ranger always told Yogi he was supposed to eat?

Rather than stale old buffet style scrambled eggs, you can now have cooked to order omelets, scrambled eggs or poached eggs. Cheese and meat can be added as you like. Customers will receive a fresh smoothie sample before ordering, with a different flavor being featured each day of the week. That’s almost as good as samples at 31 Flavors.

“We believe personalization should extend from the guest room to the dining room,” said Fernando Salazar, Wyndham vice president of food and beverage. “The Fields & Sun breakfast offers guests more options and higher-quality ingredients for a fresh start to their day.”

All Wyndham hotels and resorts are scheduled to offer the Fields & Sun breakfast by September. I know, the name is a bit weak as it sounds like a cross between Field and Stream (an outdoorsy magazine – yes, I am still from Arkansas) and a scene from Field of Dreams (which is, incidentally, one of the greatest movies of all time), but it still sounds tasty.