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Yahoo! Mail for Mobile – A Big Help, but Could Use Some Work

Talking on the PhoneI use a Yahoo! Mail based account for my every day, real life e-mail account. Several months ago, I switched to Mail Beta. Mail Beta is somewhat similar in appearance to Outlook e-mail with its split screen display. I love it, it’s great.

Because I use Yahoo, I obviously use Yahoo Mail for Mobile when checking e-mail from my cell phone. I do this pretty frequently on long car trips and in the airport. Regular Mail for Mobile isn’t much help. I mean it’s better than nothing, but the screen only shows the title of the e-mail not the sender. Using this application, you could spend hours checking airline program deal updates and announcements for free shipping at Overstock. These messages may be great, but not something you HAVE to see before you make it home or to your hotel at night. Especially considering the data charges your incurring while using your phone.

Mail for Mobile Beta is a HUGE improvement over the standard Mail for Mobile. With Mail for Mobile Beta, you are able to view the sender and the message title and choose which messages you want to view. The problem I have is that EVERY TIME I check my mail on my phone, I have to select “Try New Mobile Mail Beta” to actually use the beta version. It takes a while to process the request, while I’m incurring the data charges.

I LOVE the Mail Beta, but it really needs to be the default application. As far as I can see, there is no reason to keep the traditional version around. Especially when it’s jacking up my phone bill.