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Zagat Survey Mobile

Cell PhoneZagat Survey just launched, an advertising-supported mobile website. Eww. Spamming you with ads on your cell phone browser? I guess you have to do something to keep it free. offers the company’s standard restaurant, nightlife and hotel content for each and every major U.S. citiy, as well as London and other “select international destinations.”

“We pioneered the concept of ‘consumer generated content’ almost 30 years ago,” notes Nina Zagat. “As the media landscape has evolved, we’ve taken a ‘platform agnostic’ approach to helping consumers make smart decisions by making our content available to them however and wherever they’ve needed it.” is compatible with any web-enabled mobile phone and is “designed to serve the growing number of mobile phone users who seek information via their mobile devices.” Great idea for business travelers who don’t plan on dinner plans before they leave the house. The website offers FREE restaurant, nightlife and hotel information including details like address, phone number and hours of operation. You can utilize the features like SMSing content and finding nearby stuff. If you subscribe, you can also view the Zagat ratings and reviews of the businesses listed.