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Zenga Solar Powered Jacket

Zenga Solar JacketThe new Zenga Solar Powered Jacket was designed by Ermenegildo Zegna Spa to power your jackets on the go. Seriously. The coat has small solar panels around the collar, allowing it to charge anything from your iPod to your cellphone. They’ll be in stores in November, so you can hope for one for Christmas.

The company is marketing the jacket as a “green” piece of clothing. Of course.

The solar panels can be used independently and the company claims 5 hours of sunshine can charge “just about anything.”

The Zenga a bomber or a longer styles. They will retail for a whopping $750, so I don’t plan on seeing too many on the street. Which is a shame because I would like very much to point and laugh.

“This is truly a solution for the guy on the run, who loves his gadgets and can always use a little extra `juice,’ especially if it is `green,”’ said Tom Kalenderian, general merchandise manager for men’s wear at Barney’s, who plans to carry the jacket. Is this thing going to go the way of the hyper color shirt?

Via Travel Post Insider.