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Zenga Sport Gym Kit

Zenga Gym KitErmenegildo Zegna, yes the same people who brought you the solar powered jacket, have a great new work-out product for men with the Zenga Sport Gym Kit.

The Zenga Gym Kit consists of the small pouch pictured. The pouch converts in to a lined, zip-up, waterproof jacket. I like transformer-ish clothing and bags. Inside the pouch, you’ll find lined, waterproof track pants, microfiber workout shorts and a stretch cotton tee. And it even matches for all you metro boys out there.

Is is funny to me that it’s called a GYM bag when it consists of lined and waterproof clothing. When was the last time it rained in your gym? 🙂

You can get it in the Zenga Boutiques or in department stores like Saks.

Anyway, the bag will set you back about $450 so I hope you get a lot of use out of it. For that price, it should include the iPod and case the model is wearing on the website.

Once again, via those clever folks at Travel Post Insider.