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Zinopin Long Haul – For Deep Vein Thrombosis, Jet Lag and Swelling

Vascular HealthVascular Health, which seems to be located right here in beautiful New Jersey, recently sent me an email about a new product called Zinopin Long Haul. I’m not much of a medicine-taker myself (seriously, I’ve never even taken AirBorne), but I thought I would pass along the information for the drug seekers of the business world. Zinopin Long Haul is formulated to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis, jet lag and ankle swelling. I personally prefer the natural methods, which I wrote about several months ago, but some of you may need a little boost. To be frank, I just may not have reached the age where these things become necessary.

According to the email, all of the active ingredients are supposed to be antioxidants and natural. You know what else has antioxidants? Wine. It also helps thin your blood :). Anyway, this stuff contains stuff like pine bark and ginger, so it probably smells nice too. Like a mix between hibachi and cleaning supplies :). Kidding.

In addition to Long Haul, the company offers Zinopin Daily, a product designed to promote healthy blood circulation. As you know, DVT is caused by clotting. For more info, go to our site at The person who sent the email asked for a link as “[their] products are proven and essential to anyone that travels long distances.”

Also keep in mind, you can’t sit in the hotel bar all the time. You need to do healthy stuff while you travel as well.