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Zipit Wireless IM Device

The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 is a wireless device that allows you to IM for free across all major IM platforms with no per message or monthly fees. With this device, you can do several things. Keep in touch with your friends and contacts, as well as access MyTunez, which will provide you with instant access to music from an optional mini-SD card or streamed from the Internet. Pretty handy when you’re on the road for work or otherwise.

This device which was launched at DigitalLife in New York City last September, is now available for purchase at the company’s website, The “Z2” is a sleek and portable, Wi-Fi instant messaging (IM) device that provides convenient access to IM without tying up, or being tied to, the family computer.

As the winner of the 2007 DigitalLife Best of Show award for portable gear, the Z2 is “the only device of its kind that offers wireless IM connectivity with no monthly or per message fees.” The Z2 supports all major IM platforms, AOL, Yahoo and MSN. It will create one comprehensive buddy list that covers all three platforms for users, which is nice.

Z2 users can also jam with the included music player, MyTunez, that provides instant access to MP3 music stored on an optional mini-SD card or radio streamed from the Internet. You can also view photos and slideshows with the MyPhotoz feature.

This device is available now for $149.99 at