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ZReturn Lost Luggage and Gear Tracking

Lost & FoundzReturn is a new web-based lost and found service that connects “losers” and “finders” of products ranging from luggage to electronics without the need for personal information. It is a little creepy to think that the person who finds your lost luggage has your contact information – such as full name, phone number and home or business address. This service acts as a go-between, allowing the parties to contact one and other without sharing personal data using special tags on the products.

zTagBasically, what you get is a set of labels (and one key tag) directing the finder to the zReturns website. Each label contains an ID number (like a social security number for your product), which the finder enters. The person is then able to send a message to the owner via the website, without revealing the owners email address. The owner is then able to give the finder directions on how to return the product. So the good people who find your luggage and want to return it are able to contact you, but the bad person who stole your luggage wouldn’t have the personal information on your luggage tag. For about $13 for the set, I definitely think it’s worth it.