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Business Class Domestic Travel

businessclassMany airlines discontinued a traditional First Class on domestic flights some time ago – but that doesn’t mean there’s no luxury option for travelers who aren’t interested in the “cattle car” feel of flying in coach. With the exception of the budget airlines that are all-coach, airlines that no longer have First Class still offer a Business Class domestic travel option.

Although it seems enough people decided that the expense of First Class wasn’t warranted for domestic trips, many of those same people still wanted something better than Economy Class. Business Class for domestic travel typically offers most of the same perks that First Class offers on more long-haul flights, but at a slightly lower cost.

The primary perks to Business Class on domestic flights include increased personal space, better meals, and priority boarding. The seats are wider, they recline further, and there is substantially more legroom in Business Class, all of which equals a more comfortable flight. And while more and more airlines are cutting any free meals in coach, the food in Business Class still comes with the price of your ticket.

Additionally, there’s generally a good ratio of Business Class passengers to flight attendants, meaning you’ll get more personal attention. When it comes to stowing your bags, you not only have more room in the overhead compartments (because you’re competing with fewer passengers for the same space), there’s also a full-length closet at the front of Business Class where you can hang your coat so it stays wrinkle-free.

Now, whether these perks are enough to justify the cost of a Business Class ticket for a domestic trip is entirely up to you (or whoever’s footing the bill), but keep in mind that on flights that aren’t full airlines are more apt to fill any empty Business Class seats with passengers from coach who have paid full price for their ticket – or who are just particularly sweet about asking for a free upgrade.

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