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Flying on Superbowl Sunday?

SuperbowlSuperbowl XLI is fast approaching. Where will YOU be for the game? If you aren’t lucky enough to win Starwood Hotel’s Superbowl package auction and be on your way to Miami, you’ll probably be glued to the TV like the rest of us. But suppose your boss demands a last minute trip and you HAVE to fly out during the Superbowl this Sunday. What are you going to do? You know if you Tivo it you’ll end up hearing the score before you see the game anyway. So fly Frontier.

Frontier Airlines is showing the Superbowl to ALL passengers this Sunday on Airbus seat back monitors. Of course that only applies to planes that HAVE seatback monitors, so count the Frontier JetExpress flights operated by Horizon Air. And since noone else in the world gives a crap about American football, you can count flights outside the continental United States out as well.

I really wish Delta would have done that for the SEC Championship last year, as I spent the duration of the game flying from Atlanta to Portland.

Again, GO BEARS!