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First Class Travel

firstclass_travelIn general terms, First Class travel can mean anything from staying in five-star hotels to eating in Michelin-star restaurants (going back and forth by limousine, of course), but for most people the true indicator of a real First Class traveler is someone who flies First Class. And I’m not talking about the people who save up miles for years and use them all on a once-in-a-lifetime First Class ticket. No, a true First Class traveler is someone who makes a habit of booking tickets “in front of the curtain.”

But contrary to what you might think, First Class travelers aren’t all people for whom someone else is footing the bill. Sometimes they’re just savvy travelers who know how to finagle a good deal on a ticket. If you’d like to be one of those people, this collection of articles is a good start.

Getting Cheap First Class Airfare

We all know that First Class airfare costs more than tickets in coach or Business Class, but that doesn’t mean everyone sitting in First Class has paid the same price for their ticket. Just as there’s often significant price variation on the tickets you’ll find when looking up airline tickets in Economy Class, there can also be some variation on First Class tickets, too. The easiest way to cut the costs of First Class airfare is to use frequent flyer miles, but it’s not the only way.

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Flying First Class

Looking at the cost of a First Class air ticket could make you spit your coffee all over the computer screen. But even if you’re able to get a deal on First Class airfare, is it really worth the extra cost? Every airline has a different set of amenities they offer for those flying First Class, but there are some things you can pretty much count on no matter where or what airline you fly.

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First Class Domestic Travel

Okay, so you’ve mastered the art of finding cheap First Class airfare, and you’ve decided that the extra expense of even a cheap First Class ticket is worth it – do you splurge on spectacular service for a domestic flight, or save it for an overseas trip? With more frequent travelers being unwilling to pay through the nose for First Class on short-haul flights, many airlines have opted to eliminate First Class from their domestic flights altogether (there’s usually still a higher class, called Business Class, instead). But those bigger seats “in front of the curtain” are almost always full, even on short flights. So obviously someone’s flying domestic First Class.

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First Class on Various Airlines

There are a few airlines which are known for their stellar First Class service, airlines which have raised the bar and which continue to do so. We have got brief articles on the best of the best here, so click on the following links to read more about:

And if First Class travel is still a little too rich for your blood (or your boss’ blood), why not try Business Class travel instead?

photo by Richard Moross