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Business Class Travel

businessclass_travel2Business Class travel means more than just traveling for work – it is that happy medium between paying too high a price for a First Class seat on an airplane and being cramped in a microscopically small Economy Class seat.

Unfortunately, Business Class tickets are not an option on every flight – some airlines only offer Business Class on international flights, for example – but when it is available it can be a welcome respite from coach.

The following articles will help you decide whether paying extra for a Business Class seat is worth it.

Finding Cheap Business Class Airfare

Business Class airfare, like First Class airfare, costs more than coach – that is a given. But you might be surprised at how reasonable Business Class can be, especially when you consider the benefits of upgrading from economy class. Not only that, there are ways to avoid paying full price for a Business Class ticket – including, but not limited to, being smart about how you earn your frequent flyer miles.

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Flying Business Class

Flying Business Class is a different experience than Economy Class (that is, after all, why people opt to buy the more expensive ticket), but it is a little different than First Class, too. Some airlines have both First Class and Business Class, but more often airlines have one or the other – so while there are differences, they’re not as huge as they used to be. Find out what flying Business Class is all about.

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Business Class Domestic Travel

Not every airline offers Business Class Domestic Travel – some have eliminated this level of service in favor of just offering Economy Class and First Class, especially on short- and medium-haul flights. Others have chosen to eliminate First Class on those short flights, going with just Economy Class and Business Class instead. After you’ve read the article above about what to expect from Business Class, then you need to read this one about Business Class in domestic travel – it’s not quite the same thing.

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Business Class on Various Airlines

Although there are similarities when it comes to what’s offered by different airlines on Business Class, there are differences from airline to airline. The articles listed below are about a selection of airlines that are particularly noteworthy for their Business Class, and we’ll continue to add to this list of articles as well. Click the links below to read more about:

And if Business Class travel does not sound luxurious enough for you, there is always First Class travel!

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