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Flying Business Class

flyingbizclassIf you do not want to suffer the indignities of coach but cannot yet afford the luxuries of First Class travel, you could always split the difference with a seat in Business Class.

Not all airlines offer both First Class and Business Class, but when it is an option, Business Class can be a nice way to fly.

What can you expect from a Business Class air ticket? Well, it varies depending on the airline, but there are some generalities you can make regarding Business Class travel.

Business Class Isn’t Always Called Business Class

On the airlines which feature Business Class seats, the actual name for this class of ticket will vary. It is sometimes called “Executive Class” or even “Upper Class” in general terms, and different airlines have different specific names for their version – including “BusinessElite” on Delta, “BusinessFirst” on Continental and “World Business Class” on KLM and Northwest. The concept of Business Class is a relatively recent addition to air travel, as compared to First Class, and is most often offered on international or other long-haul flights.

Seating in Business Class

While the seats in First Class are going to be the most comfortable on the plane, Business Class seats are generally much nicer and more spacious than those in coach. Some Business Class seats even recline completely to allow passengers to lie completely (or nearly completely) flat in order to sleep more comfortably. The airlines which do not have these lie-flat seats will generally allow much more leg room in Business Class than in coach, and usually more sideways room as well, so you are not constantly bumping elbows with your neighbor or fighting over the arm rest.

Meals & Entertainment in Business Class

Meals and entertainment in Business Class are typically better than in coach, but not as nice as in First Class. You may find that alcoholic beverages are complimentary, there are more choices for meals, and there are personal movie players for each passenger. The specific perks offered by each airline in Business Class can vary greatly, so it is a very good idea to see what extras you are getting for the extra money you are spending. Of course, an airline ticket in Business Class is generally significantly less than a First Class ticket – so the extra expense may be completely justifiable!

What Business Class is Like on Different Airlines

As mentioned above, Business Class will vary from airline to airline – so if you’re picky about how flat your seat reclines or what kind of goodies you’ll get behind the curtain, then read through the amenities you’ll get for your Business Class airfare on these various airlines.

Not luxe enough? Upgrade to First Class.

For some people, Business Class travel just isn’t going to be luxurious enough. If you’re one of them – and you’ve got the cash to back up your high-class taste – then flying First Class is definitely the way to go!

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