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Airlines that Offer First Class

first_singapore2While some airlines in the world offer several different levels of service on board their planes, not every airline has what they (or anyone else) considers “First Class.” For some, the highest level of service passengers will experience is Business Class. For others – especially the budget airlines – there is only one level of service, and it’s Economy Class.

If you’re a passenger who isn’t content with Business Class, or if you just want to know what level of service you can expect on your next flight, then this list will help. It’s a list of the major airlines that offer a First Class travel option on at least some of their flights.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you notice an airline missing please leave a comment and let us know. Also, where an airline name is also a link, you’ll find more information about flying First Class on that airline specifically.

Airlines in North America that Offer First Class

Airlines in Europe that Offer First Class

Airlines in Asia & the South Pacific that Offer First Class

Airlines in South America & Central America that Offer First Class

  • TAM Brazilian

Airlines in Africa that Offer First Class

  • EgyptAir

Airlines in the Middle East that Offer First Class